Four reasons to visit Berland's

  1. Berland’s is a tool store, not a tool department.
  2. We have tools and accessories that are hard to find.
  3. Come in and touch the tool, try it out, discuss it with someone who knows tools and find what other options might be available. You can’t do that online. We don’t sell online.
  4. We take our tools seriously but not ourselves.

Are you a tool nut?

There is no better place on earth for a tool nut than Berland’s House Of Tools, owned by the Sherman Family. If you live in the Chicagoland area and are involved in the building, construction or woodworking trades, you probably are familiar with Berland’s. If you need bits, blades, compressors, routers, hammer drills or any of the 35,000 tools and accessories that Berland’s stocks, Berland’s is your place. If you are looking for the newest, latest, most innovative tools, come to Berland’s. Especially the latest in cordless tool technology. “We’re living in a cordless world,” says Dwight “The Toolman” Sherman. Next to the International Hardware Show, you’ve never seen so many tools under one roof. “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.” If you haven’t visited one of our three sprawling locations, we hope you stop by soon.